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Hire a Corp event mgr

How to Make Your Corporate Event the Talk of the Year

Corporate events are growing and for a number of reasons. First and maybe most obvious, it is a great way to connect and network with customers. Second, it can help to build and establish your name and brand. Third, many events can actually be self-sustaining or even a source of revenue, not a cost. But unless you can dedicate the vast majority, if not all of your time to it in the months leading up to the event, the results are likely to be less than optimal.

Planning the perfect event yourself sounds great in theory. But realistically it will be difficult to carve the time from your other job functions and they likely suffer. And truthfully, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why partnering with an experienced professional is smart. They can enhance your vision with the vantage point of experience, helping you to realize your goals.

Here are Five Reasons to hire a corporate event manager:

1. Realize Your Vision
You know your audience and you know what you want and need. But, add extra chefs in the kitchen and your vision gets muddled and your audience gets confused. The results are less than tasty. A professional event planner ensures you’ll take a strategic approach to your event, defining and delivering towards your goals and vision. (And by the way, this is not a selfish objective.)

2. Maximize Resources (Connections and negotiation skills)
Knowing how best to get things done in large part is dependent on knowledge. Specifically, what you know, who you know, and who knows you—all things acquired over time. An experienced event manager will save clients’ money by knowing what actual costs are and leveraging their network of contacts and relationships with vendors to get the best experience and value at the fair and optimal price.

3. Bigger Impact (Marketing services)
Pulling off and executing the event specifics can seem like the biggest hill to climb, but it will all be for naught if attendance falls short. And for many entities, especially internally audiences, attendance is how they will ultimately judge and remember the event later. Experienced event planners know what drives attendance, how to gauge responses, and how to make adjustments on the fly to reach your goals.

4. Streamlined Processes (Planning and details)
What makes events so difficult, especially for small teams is the mind-boggling number of moving parts. That creates the sense that the success of the event is perpetually hanging on one over-looked detail. Using software and tools designed specifically to track all the details including; vendors, last minute guests, deliveries and VIP attendees, good event planners can make worry disappear.

5. Relax, enjoy, and plan your next event
Your event is not an end to itself. The event professional will manage the day of details so you can have face to face time with clients, network and serve as a proper host to the event. In short, they make you look good. And it is a great way for you to collect the first-hand feedback you need to make future events an even bigger success.

The need for events will continue to grow as people crave personal interactions and learning. That makes it even more important to stand out from the rising competition and ensure that your event is successful. Take a hard look at your team and schedules and consider a corporate event manager before your event. It could mean the difference between ongoing success and a stress-inducing failure.

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