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That First Memorable Moment

The old adage ‘you can only make a first impression once’ is true. When planning a meeting, orchestrating a trade show or planning your own wedding, your guests first experience is critical for success. Those first few precious moments, thoughtfully done right, will put your guests in the right frame of mind to enjoy the entire event experience.

Think about how you want your guests to feel when they first arrive and plan an activity, gift or music that will help conjure up that emotion.

  • If your event is a fun and festive, plan upbeat music and a cocktail to greet them at the door.
  • A business brainstorming session could include individual sets of markers and blank cards handed out at the door to encourage each attendee to participate.
  • Tradeshows use mobile technology to send guests a welcome greeting, even as early as the airport arrival.


Never underestimate the power of that first, memorable moment to your guests.

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