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How to Create a Memorable Event Theme

Every event has a story to tell. A theme is a great planning tool. Especially for corporate events, a theme can focus planning efforts, provide a cohesive message and drive decisions for menus, décor and even entertainment.

Themes are not a topic or a simple statement. A theme should be used as an umbrella under which the event story can be told. Here are a few suggestions to help create your next event story:

1. The theme should help frame the event experience.

Gone are the days when a great speaker was all that was needed. Todays meeting and event attendees are looking for an experience. An event theme is the first point of contact with the attendee. The theme will draw together the expected event experience for the target audience. Whatever the theme, it is the promise of what the event is to deliver.

2. The theme should be memorable.

When creating a theme, consider how all the senses could be incorporated. Vibrant colors to dazzle the eye. Music! The sound of music, at different paces and volumes, can lead attendees and encourage them to participate and engage.

3. The theme should be unique to to event purpose.

Whether a fund raiser, conference or meeting, the theme should support and drive to the overall goal of the event. Experiment with different themes to see which ones best reinforce the core messages of the event.

Whether you’re planning fund raisers, business meetings, or a gala, the right theme will set the tone for your event creating lasting memories that your attendees are sure to share.

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